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Say Thank You and Kiss Me Goodbye

Dear all,

Should you have followed me from the start, you should realise that this July counts the third year of my BDSM journey. This 3 years of my life marks a remarkably amazing period that I could never ever imagine. From a bag of basic toys to a hot pink luggage running hotels and transit into a designated place, Redmoon, where you guys can feel much more secured visiting me. Then venturing into Kuala Lumpur marks another significant milestone for me too.

Luna Short HairI have met many people and situations along the way, loved some and hated some. But I do not regret meeting anyone of you at all. Each and everyone of you placed a piece of moment that adds up to what I have today. I can never ever forget how you have made me happier in every way you could, the gifts, the care, the respect, the loyalty and so much more, whether you believe it or not. Your unconditional support is what keeps me going for these years. And I cannot express how grateful and blessed I am to have that.

Today, I am going to embark the next chapter of my life and putting a halt to this journey at the moment. Yes, at the moment. So does that means that I am definitely coming back? No.

If you have know Luna well enough, you should understand that I do not like to conform myself. When I say that, I meant to leave the choice open. I may or may not come back for I do not know it myself too. I only live once so I am going to experience my life freely just like how I got into BDSM in the first place too. I mentioned before to many of you, even if 1 day I am not a mistress any more, you are still my friends.

Nonetheless, will make some changes to this blog and let it continue to be seen. I hope that the posts in here could still serve their purpose and not made to waste.

Lastly, I really, really want to give huge thanks and tight hugs to everyone of you. I love you guys. Please do take great care till we meet again!

With Love,


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Your tribute to me – Appreciation

My dear boys,

This post is to give you a better understanding of why we collect tributes. 1428567276817“Why collect tributes?” I’m sure this thought has crossed a few minds. Firstly, the most obvious reason would be that although BDSM is my lifestyle choice, being professional dominatrix is also my career. Our privilege is how much we get to enjoy our work.

The next reason touches a little closer to heart. Your tribute to any professional dominatrix is not a payment for a service. Rather, it’s an appreciation to them as they spend time with you, understanding you, and designing a unique session catered for you every time you visit us. It is also a filtering system, reducing insincere requests. Tributes are not a precise measuring tool for sincere subs, but imagine what happens if we do not collect tributes. I am sure you will know and by the time you get to me, I would not even know if you deserve my time.

Every session that I hold with you is unique, and no two sessions will ever be exactly the same. As a professional, I search for new ways to keep the sessions fresh, creating an experience that neither of us will forget. To attain that I will ask questions, understand your general background  and see what prompted you to BDSM to craft up a combination of actions or words to reach the reason why you here with me. Of course you can make it easier by emailing me your fantasies and describing more about yourself.

An intimate non sexual session is what I personally aim for. Before the lights come back on and we step out of our roles, it is my pleasure to let you experience what I am capable of . I derive pleasure from  knowing I have shown you my side of the world.

Lastly why do I ask questions about your physical conditions prior to a session?  It is to ensure that you receive according to your body condition and enjoy/suffer a session without repercussion. BDSM is not about how much you can take risk at one shot, try seeing it as a walking journey and after some time when you look back, you can tell yourself you have been there and done that. You should never risk taking a session when the dom/domme does not bother know about your health condition.

At the end of every session you will see me spend time reviewing our sessions. With this step I aim to bring you further as you return for more.  With this post I am sure you have understand the general flow of what I call a professional session.


Please note that appointments are subject to availability and are first come first served basis. Session rates are exclusive of a SGD$50/RM$80 for the use of play studio. Fill in the contact form below to schedule your appointment with me.

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Shopping For New Toys



Girls love to shop, and why should being a Mistress make me any different? In fact, shopping makes me happy, especially when I get gifts. I believe that buying is half the fun. The other half of the fun comes from buying something for someone else. So….recently, I find myself doing quite a bit of shopping for my dear dear subs. Like what you see?


A new pair of heels, new stockings, and brand new toys. A twin-vibrating cock ring and a vibrating butt plug. Would you like to see Mistress all dressed up in something? How about we add in a little spice by trying out my new toys?

They say a picture says a thousand words, but what about me in front of you? My shopping spree is definitely not over. I’m always on the lookout for something new to add to our play sessions and I want your input. If you find something pretty on the internet, share it with me. You just might see it in real life. Or you could always…make me happy?


Please note that appointments are subject to availability and are first come first served basis. Session rates are exclusive of a SGD$50/RM$80 for the use of play studio. Fill in the contact form below to schedule your appointment with me.

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He wore that mask for me

10 years of friendship creates a bond between two people that cannot be found anywhere else. He is my special friend. Someone who I’ve known even before I know about BDSM and also the first person I confided in when I thought of being a professional dominatrix. I thought he would despise me for having such thoughts, but he never did, nor did he give me any weird looks. Instead, we had many small conversations and exchanged pointers on what we each thought BDSM was about. (Yes, he researched about BDSM just for me)

Over our conversations, he admitted that his stressful life caused him to have a lot of uneasiness. He was so stressed that he would often dream about work while sleeping. A job that required his constant focus and attention. A job that required him to lead. A job that required his control over every decision. He told me he needed a solace…but also that he was not submissive, and even if he did submit, it would never be with me.

BDSM, Cane, Mistress, Male SubmissionAfter about a year of supporting me in my journey, he turns up at my door with breakfast, all smiles, and tells me that he’s finally ready. I was still a little confused at what caused the sudden change. After finally discussing with someone else, he felt he was ready to put down his power, to balance his life and his emotions. I asked him who he had chosen to be his Domme and that’s when everything changed.

He told me that he didn’t think he could submit to anyone else. There was no trust there. But with me, although he already knew me, it also meant he could trust me. For him to take that first step to put his power down…that was something that really moved me. And I am so thankful to have the privilege to walk this journey with him. I am not like other Mistresses who will tell you “I AM GODDESS”. Nor do I need to be showered with gifts. A good attitude and willingness to open up is what brings me joy.

We held a lot more conversations after that day. We were on the phone daily for 3 days (he’s a special case) before I finally felt that he was indeed ready to submit. It was finally session day. He came in with a long list of fetishes and what he wanted to accomplish in our first 3 hour session and immediately, I knew something was wrong. He was back to his same old self, trying to control every little thing. The 1st thing I had to do was to let him drop all his expectations of the 3 hour session. After all, it’s in the expectations we have that creates so much stress in us.

As for how the session went after that, I think I’ll be keeping it a secret close to my heart. All I can say is, he wore that mask for me. BDSM is my career. But never forget, it’s also my passion. Who cares about how experienced you are. It’s a journey, a companionship, not a business venture. I’ve started my BDSM journey. Have you?


Please note that appointments are subject to availability and are first come first served basis. Session rates are exclusive of a SGD$50/RM$80 for the use of play studio. Fill in the contact form below to schedule your appointment with me.

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Back in Singapore (Updated 04/01/2015)

1418762822152 (600 x 400)


After a long weekend, I’m finally back in Singapore after finishing my first round of sessions in KL. Although the setting was unfamiliar, the quality of the sessions were great and I must admit that I had a lot of fun playing around with the new space. It was a little difficult to contain my excitement, knowing that this would be the start of a new journey, yours and mine. Due to my busy session schedule, I didn’t really have a chance to fully explore KL and it is something that I am definitely looking forward to doing the next time I drop by. Any willing volunteer?

For now, I am back in Singapore and will be taking sessions here from the 18th to the 22nd. Do schedule your appointments during this time period as I will unavailable during the Christmas week. Are you looking forward to your sessions as much as I am?

Due to the heavy demand, my session slots for the 5-7th of Jan 2015 in KL are full. But don’t be upset, I will be making another trip to KL from the 19-21st of Jan 2015. Meanwhile, I will be Singapore, but you will still have to confirm your sessions with me ASAP as my time slots are filling fast. Aren’t you going to come wish me happy new year?

Happy holidays with love,


*Update: My session slots for the 20th are now full. Please schedule your appointments with me on the 19th or the 21st Jan 2015.


Please note that appointments are subject to availability and are first come first served basis. Session rates are exclusive of a SGD$50/RM$80 for the use of play studio. Fill in the contact form below to schedule your appointment with me.


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